The Money Reiki MagicMind...

is an EXPERIENCE, a support network, a lifestyle.



Your money energy is a combination of thoughts, emotions, and energetic programming. Most of you have excellent thoughts and emotions about money, but your vibrational money patterns are unbalanced or seem completely out of your control. 


Money Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki that was created and channeled specifically to heal money energies on the personal and collective levels. It provides the energetic "missing piece" that turns on your money magnets!


In the MagicMind we will combine the best parts of group energy healing programs with the concept of a supportive "Mastermind" of women who are individually working towards a common goal of financial freedom and blessing to the world.


Weekly Money Reiki Reset sessions will transform your money patterns from "broke" to Divinely Prosperous!

A library of EFT Tapping sessions and Hypnosis audios gives you on-the-spot support in your day to day life.

Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions in the Facebook group help you stay on track and integrate the healing more deeply.


This is not a course, and there is nothing to learn.

This is a healing hive-mind of Divinely Abundant sisters.

We are here to support each other in revealing our worth, our wealth, OUR VALUE.

What You Get in the MagicMind:

Weekly Money Reiki Reset Sessions:

  • Clear patriarchal money programs
  • Remove manipulation energy from money
  • Resolve old money cords
  • Heal "Money Leaks"
  • Increase Income
  • Activate Money Magnets

EFT Videos for Support:

  • Tap into Trust
  • Clearing Fears of Not Enough Money

Hypnosis Audios for Support:

  • Money Goddess Series
  • Your Divine Wealth

Money Goddess MagicMind Value:

  • 50+  Money Reiki Reset sessions - $2200
  • Weekly Reset Sessions - $50/each
  • EFT and Audio collection - $222
  • Lifetime Membership - PRICELESS

    TOTAL VALUE = $2,500+

Money Reiki MagicMind Investment:

One Payment: $500 USD

End your money struggles forever, and choose to experience financial health and ease.


I'll show you how!

About the MagicMind Leader...

Hey there, I'm Isis and I'm a recovering broke-ass Spiritual Sister.

Up until a few months ago, every increase in my income was met with an increase in expenses, penalties, and financial drama. I couldn't keep money in the bank!

All my mindset work, EFT tapping, and belief training was helping me make more money, but the old patterns keeping me broke were still in my energy system.

Thankfully, I discovered MONEY REIKI. It's a "new" form of Reiki that specifically heals our energetic money programming from the root of the issue.

Ever since, money flows in with ease, and I have a positive bank balance for the first time in YEARS! Every time I give myself Money Reiki, my phone dings with sales, appointments being booked, and notifications that I've been tagged in a praise post again.

THIS CAN BE YOU TOO. Join the MagicMind of women receiving money with ease.


Isis Arjeta, CHt. RMT. is a world renown multidimensional energy healer, mentor, teacher and spiritual counselor. She is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Violet Flame, Isis Seichim, Kundalini, Holy Fire, and Money Reiki traditions, and has offered  classes in California and Hawaii since 2010. She is thrilled to offer Reiki classes LIVE online beginning in 2017!

Isis Arjeta

Break your own rules. Set yourself free to ELEVATE your life!

MagicMind Benefits

  • Increased Income
  • Balanced Spending
  • Confidence in Money Choices
  • Positive Money Outlook
  • Tight Support Network
  • Energy Healing + Activation
  • Feelings of Ease About Money
  • Benefits Extend to Family
  • Anything Is Possible!

One Payment: $500 USD

End your money struggles forever, and choose to experience financial health and ease.


I'll show you how!